The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Development at Shahid Beheshti University was founded in March 1961.

The main focus of the faculty remained Architecture for many years, until 1974 when an academic course on Urban issues was launched. This led to two present complementary courses on Urban Planning and Urban Design, established in 1988.

In 1990 the faculty resources were organized to launch a postgraduate course in Architecture at PhD level.

Five years later, two other postgraduate courses were added to the enriched academic program that at present includes the following courses:

  •  BA in Architecture
  •  MA in Architecture
  •  MA in Conservation of Historic Monuments & Urban Fabrics
  •  MA in Iranian Architectural Studies
  •  MA in Landscape Architecture
  •  MA in Post Disaster Reconstruction
  •  MA in Urban Planning
  •  MA in Urban Design
  •  MSc in Project & Building Construction Management
  •  PhD in Architecture
  •  PhD in Urban Design
  •  PhD in Urban Planning

Having an academic staff of 60 full time and about 30 visiting Lecturers, the faculties future policy is to focus on developing postgraduate specialized courses on architecture and other disciplines concerning the built environment.

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