Since 1362, Department of Biology was active in accepting students for B.Sc. level engaging in courses of Animal (Zoology) and Plant Sciences (Botany), which included courses in Islamic Literatures, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematic, Persian Literature, Physical Education, Zoology and Botany, based on the subject chosen.

According to the reviews taken place at the Ministry of Sciences, some changes occurred. Now, it has four different sections of Animal Sciences(Zoology),Plant Sciences(Botany),opened on 1362,Marine Biology, opened on 1382, and Microbiology, opened on 1385.M.Sc. students in Zoology, entered on 1372, Botany ,on 1374, Genetics, on 1379, Microbiology and Marine Biology, on 1385. Ph.D. degree opened on 1385, in the fields of Plant Biosystematics and Microbiology; Ph.D. in Zoology is in progress.

There are 82 and 10 students at M.S. and Ph.D. levels, at the moment, engaging in their specific subjects.

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