RoboCup competition or Robot Soccer World Cup is an international event for the development of robotics, computer science, electronics, artificial intelligence and other related fields.
RoboCup has chosen soccer as the main focus of its activities, with the aim of creating innovations to solve social and industrial problems.
In this regard, the ultimate goal is to create a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can achieve victory against FIFA  representative team in 2050.

 The RoboCup Teams of the faculty have started their activities since 1999.

Some Areas of Activity:
  • Two-dimensional simulation
  • Three-dimensional simulation
  • Rescue simulation
  • Virtual robots simulation
  • Small size soccer robots
RoboCup4.jpg Some Honors and Awards:
  • 1st place in 14th RoboCup international competition (2011,  Turkey) in the field of virtual robots simulation infrastructure
  • 4th place in 12th  RoboCup international competition (2009,  Austria) in the field of Rescue Simulation
  • 2nd place in 11th RoboCup international competition (2007,  US) in the field of robot game simulation (3D Development) 
  • 1st place in 1st national urban robots competition (2006,  Iran) in the field of Rescue Simulation


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