AI Challenge

Artificial Intelligence challenge is a contest in which individual and team capabilities of contestants are measured in programming and providing a better solution for the intended question. In the preliminary stage of the contest, teams develop a program based on the specified rules to play with their rivals. The programs are then loaded on the server and the contest is held. After that the contestants can view their play through the browser. After the end of the preliminary stage and the selection of the top teams, 32 up to 48 teams are invited to attend the next stage. In this stage, changes are made to the rules of the game, and teams are required to adapt their developed program to this change within one and a half days and participate in the final stage of the contest.

The contest was held for the first time in 2015 at Shahid Beheshti University. Only university students were allowed to attend. One of the goals of the first contest was to measure the ability of the organizing team to hold the contest in the country. Thankfully, the organizing team successfully organized the contest, and is now in the process of repeating it in the national level.

There are no specific limits for participating in the contest. Of course, familiarity with artificial intelligence algorithms and problem-solving strategies, along with open and creative thinking and team-programming ability, can distinguish successful teams from others.​

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