Supervisor: Dr. Mojtaba Vahidi Asl

Current Place: Room No. 208
Main Activities:
  • Design and development of computer games, as well as study and research in the field of computer game development
Colleagues: 2 faculty members, 2 PhD students, 6 MSc students and 15 BSc students

Some Objectives for Undergraduate Students:

  • Developing computer games based on new  development methodologies 

  • Researching and developing new approaches in the game industry

  • Cooperation with different academic fields to develop sophisticated games, e.g.  psychology, sociology, data science, art, etc. 

  • Presenting academic and practical game development courses

  • Participation in gaming events and contests


Some Objectives for Graduate Students:

  • Research and study in Gamification

  • Research and study in Human based computation

  • Developing serious games

  • Cooperation with other faculties in computer game studies



Recruitment of talented students in ongoing projects of the Lab
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