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Humanoid Robots Group of the faculty was established in 1396. Currently, the group's activities focus on the programming and use of NAO humanoid robot. Produced by Aldebaran Robotics after several years of research and equipped with appropriate hardware and software, this robot has made it possible to progress in diverse AI domains of robotics.

NAO robot has a height of about 58 centimeters. The proper design and implementation of the joints of this robot and application of total 25 degrees of freedom (DoF) have facilitated the simulation and execution fo most human movements. In addition, thanks to the hardware and sensors installed in this robot, it is possible to implement and exploit some human senses such as sight, hearing and touch, as well as the ability to speak.

The current major activities of Humanoid Robots Group include:

  1. Research, development and implementation of various algorithms of robot balance and movement in different environmental conditions and different speeds;

  2. Research, development and implementation of behavioral, cognitive and interactive robot algorithms, such as:

a.      Detection and execution of Farsi voice commands

b.      ​Persian synthesis

c.       ​Location of audio sources

d.      ​FAQ in closed domain

e.      ​​Detection of objects and machine vision

It should be noted that learning how to use NAO robots in the research of various robotic groups in the world has led to the holding of exclusive competitions for this class of human robots. For example, in the Robocup competition, a separate league has been intended for NAO robots football competition. The goal of such competitions is to focus the attention of robotics active groups on optimal software programming and controlling of robots.

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