Supervisor: Dr. Mona Ghassemian


International Technical Committee (ITC) was established in April, 2015. The central activities of the committee are as follows:

  • To provide Support and translation of short articles for advertizing the publications of the faculty;

  • To support international events and conferences;

  • To edit and translate scientific articles, and to hold tailored training classes.

Some Activities Performed:

  • Created an executive and a specialized committee;

  • Held an article writing workshop with cooperation of IEEE Iran Section and colleagues of the faculty (April, 2015);

  • Held a CV writing workshop (April, 2015);

  • Created a group for translation of specialized texts related to smart cities (June, 2015);

  • Edited several articles before final submission;

  • Examined specific cases and offered effective suggestions to solve communication problems in relation to the submitted articles;

  • Held the 2nd International Workshop on Smart Health and Wellbeing (November, 2015);

  • Supported the holding of the 9th Iranian Conference of Vision Machine and Image Processing (November, 2015);

  • Held the Effective communication Workshop (November, 2015 – April 2016);

  • Held the Tech Hour meeting centered on the selected and videos (2nd semester of 2015-2016);

  • Created a group for translation of 4 specialized articles;

  • Translated the introduction of the RoboCup Group of the faculty;

  • Communicated with the international committee of the university, participated in the relevant meetings, and prepared the materials requested by the university;

  • Followed up currently valid cooperation agreements between the university and foreign universities for the Vice-presidency of Research of the faculty;

  • Updated the slides and prepared the brochure for the introduction of the faculty;

  • Supported the meetings with the Lebanese, Iraqi and German guests;

  • Cooperated with the Cryptology Conference in relation to the keynote speaker (September, 2016);

  • Held the lecture of Dr. Payam Barnaghi (England, August 27, 2016);

  • Held the lecture of Dr. Martin Musk (Australia) with active participation of the students of the committee (September, 2016);

  • Held the German-Iranian joint conference on security, with participation and presentation of faculty members (October, 2016);

  • Invited Dr. Matthias Kranz (University of Passau), teacher of HCI course and did the follow-up and arrangements thereof;

  • Coordinated the meetings for collaboration with Coventry University, Dr. Mojtaba Amarollahi.

Executice Commitee: 1 PhD student, 1 MSc graduate and 6 BSc students
Translation Commitee: 1 MSc student and 6 BSc students
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