Supervisor: Dr. Keivan Navi
Current Place: Room No. 215
Main Focuses:
  • Carbon nanotubes (CNT)
  • Quantum cellular automata (QCA)
  • Benzene rings
  • Quantum computing
  • Fuzzy systems
  • All-optical circuits
  • Computer arithmetic 
Colleagues:  More than 7 PhD students, and 10 Msc students
Some Major Research Areas:
  • Design and simulation of logical and arithmetic circuits (classic and reversible) and interconnection networks as well as design of Nonoelectronic basic cells
  • Use of derivatives of benzene rings as semiconductors in building molecular transistors and use of some of their combinations as conductors or insulators in building electronic and logical circuits
  • Design of effective basic quantum circuits, synthesis and optimization of quantum circuits, development of quantum circuits description languages and engineering of distributed quantum algorithms
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