The principal members of the center are as follows:

· Dr. Mohammad Reza Tajik

· Dr. Mohammad Bagher Heshmat-Zadeh

· Dr. Abdolali Ghavam

· Dr. Alireza Azqhandi

· Mr. Bijan Asadi

· Dr. Mahmood Sariolghalam

· Dr. Amir Mohammad Haji-Yousefi

The head of the center is Dr. Amir Mohammad Haji-Yousefi.

Detailed Goals:

a. Doing research and producing scientific works on the topic "The Middle East studies and the Globalization" along with the scientific activities in this realm in an international arena, and trying to publish these works internally and internationally.

b. Constant relation with the internal and international science and research centers in the realm of Middle East studies and globalization, via:

  •  Correspondences
  •  Attending seminars and conferences
  •  Exchanging experts, researchers and professors (instructors)

c. Make efforts to present Iranian scientific and research results and findings in the realm of Middle East studies and globalization to different international scientific and research centers in addition to getting information about their findings mainly through attending conferences and holding international conferences.

d. Make efforts to help suggest some solutions for the challenges Iran encounters in the international arena through:

  •  Getting information about internal and international scientific findings in the realm of Middle East studies and globalization;
  •  Localization and adjustment of the available sciences and knowledge to solve the country`s problems;
  •  Having contacts with policy makers and the different institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran to offer consultations over how to solve the country`s problems specially in the foreign ministry, and all governmental organizations and centers which work somehow for the Islamic Republic of Iran in relation with the international arena specially the Middle East.

e. planning new short-term and long-term training courses courses in Middle East studies and globalization

f. making efforts to cooperate with the internal scientific associations specially the Iranian Political Science Association in order to expand the literature of the Middle East studies and globalization


To reach the above mentioned ends, there clearly is a need to establish systematic approaches in order to study the developments in the immediate setting of the Islamic Republic of Iran (the Middle East region) and the impact of globalization on all political, economic, cultural and social aspects in the Middle East region. Personal and group studies, information communication and exchange and subsequently producing knowledge and theorization, is the only way to achieve this goal; and it is possible via:

1. Establishment of academic related courses through reviewing the available courses in Political Science and International Relations

2. Holding internal and international lectures, specialized meetings and different seminars

3. Having contacts with other related research centers to transfer information and being informed of their activities and improvements

4. Educating M.A. and PHD students

5. Holding short-term training courses

6. Having contacts with Iranian decision makers and different institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran

7. Executing related research plans and projects in limited and expanded (national) levels.

Program justification and the necessity to execute it:

The scientific center of excellence on Middle East studies and globalization is formed on the basis to be able to study the process of globalization and Middle East changes through mobilizing all forces inside the country, and produce knowledge and information for Iranian authorities.So they can make the best decisions concerning Iran`s security and welfare. Environmental changes are happening so rapidly that researchers and scientists must be constantly studying and following the events and issues. Therefore, the need for a group work and research within the university via establishment of a research institution such as the scientific center of excellence seems inevitable.

You may contact us at:

Address: The Center of Excellence on Middle East Studies and Globalization, Room no. 7, New Building of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Shahid Beheshti University, Evin, Tehran

Phone: 98 21 2990 2990

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