The UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy (UNESCO CHRPD) of Shahid Beheshti University started its activities in 1997 and was officially opened in 2000.

The principal aims of the Chair are:

• Research and training in the field of human rights, peace and democracy and the promotion thereof;

•The formal education of human rights (from elementary to university level);

• The promotion of the informal education of human rights (governmental and nongovernmental agencies and institutions).

Principle Activities

The main activities of the UNESCO CHRPD by now are:

• Translation and publication of universal and regional human rights instructions, texts and books;

• Establishment of a specialized library and the United Nations Depository Library;

• Establishment of a computer site with unlimited daily access to the Internet and audio-visual center;

• Conduction of human rights educational workshops for the governmental and nongovernmental persons and entities.

• Facilitating he participation of the students of Shahid Beheshti University in the annual study sessions of the International Institutes of Human-rights out of the country.

• Establishing and maintaining contact with different universities, institutions and entities active in the fields of human rights, pease and democracy;

• Conduction of various national and international research projects, seminars, roundtables and colloquy;

• Conduction of annual international seminars in the field of human rights.


 Tel.: (009821) 2421772, 29902766, 29902737

 Tel/Fax: (009821) 2411505

 Address: UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy,

Shahid Beheshti University, Evin, Tehran, Iran. Postal Code: 1983963113


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