The faculty's building is placed on a hilltop of the university campus in the slopes of the Elburz provides a refreshing atmosphere and a panoramic view of Tehran, from where one could see the changes this city is going through by the passing of time.
Students may make use of the facilities such as computer site, seminar room to read or write essays during the day, or use the garden in the warmer months of the year. Members of staff may be consulted in person or by telephone during the day to discuss work or other problems Today, the faculty is the largest academic units in Shahid Beheshti University, comprising about 17% of the university's undergraduate students and a sizeable portion of its faculty members, and departments. The Faculty of Letters and Human Science is made up of 10 departments with over 30 programs at bachelors, masters and doctoral levels.

The broad aims of the faculty are to:

1- offer majors in Persian literature, human sciences, and foreign languages;
2- explore relationships between the disciplines;
3- provide courses in sub-fields within these disciplines;
4- demonstrate how these disciplines can be applied to understanding and interpreting the Iranian society, culture and literature in the contemporary world ;
5- Encourage students to take majors in interdisciplinary areas.

The Students themselves organize some programs including football matches chorus groups, religious ceremonies, student-journals, occasional lectures, seminars and meetings involving external speakers as well as social entertainments such as, mountain climbing and journeys.
Published at the beginning of almost each season, Journal of the Faculty of Letters and The Faculty was founded under the title College of Foreign Languages in 1962. At that time 48 students were studying either English, French, German or Italian languages. Five years later, the college hosted new disciplines: “History, Psychology, and Social Sciences” and was renamed as the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences (1968). With some changes, currently the faculty brings together some 10 departments: Persian Language & Literature, English Language & Literature, French Language & Literature, German Language & Literature, Arabic Language & Literature, Chinese Languages & Literature, History, Philosophy, Sociology and Linguistics.
Today the faculty has more than 2000 students and around 80 members as academic staff. Published at the beginning of almost each season, Journal of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences contains articles by the professors and other members of the academic staff. It is always appreciated to have external academic papers to joins the journal.

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