The Journal of Human Sciences publishes original (not previously published) works of interest in the disciplines of Language and Literature (Persian, English, French, German, Arabic and Chinese), History, Philosophy, Sociology and Linguistics in general, new theoretical developments, results of qualitative and quantitative researches and methodological innovations. All areas of these disciplines are welcome. It consists of five items as follows:
1) History of Literature
2) Critical Language and Literary Studies
3) Iran history
4) Knowledge
5) Social Analysis

Manuscript Submission: Authors should send the final, revised version of their articles to the Editor-in-Chief, in both a hard copy and an electronic file. The electronic version on CD must match the hardcopy exactly. The name of the author(s) should appear on the first page, with the present position, full address, phone number, fax number and current email address. The articles (around 5000 words in length) should be typed, double-spaced on one side of A4 size paper. Papers should be structured into headed sections, for example as follows: Title page, Abstract, Keywords (3-5), Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements, Notes and References. Each section should be identified by the main heading. Other sub-headings within the main headings should be limited. Please use footnotes rather than endnotes. Footnotes should only be used for commentaries and extra explanations not for giving references. Scripts and disks will not normally be returned unless special arrangements have been made. Send manuscripts to Journal of Human Sciences, College of Letters and Human Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University (National University of Iran), Tehran, 19839, Iran.

Manuscript Review: After manuscripts are submitted, they are first screened for basic format and completeness, to ensure that the manuscript guidelines have been adequately followed. Following this, the manuscripts are evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief to confirm that the paper fits the scope of the Journal and adequately addresses questions and literature relevant to the field of Literature and Human Sciences. Furthermore, the manuscript's subject should be presented properly and be of sufficient quality to be further considered for evaluation. Three referees will evaluate each paper. The Editor-in-Chief, at his discretion, will convey the referees' comments. The recommendation may be for i) minor revision, ii) major revision, or iii) rejection.
Copyright and Offprint: Articles submitted for publication should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Papers accepted become the copyright of the Journal. Ten offprint of each paper are supplied free together with three copies of the issue in which the paper appeared.
References: References should be indicated in the typescript by giving the author’s name, with the year of publication and page numbers, in parentheses. If several papers by the same author and from the same year are cited, a, b, c, etc., these should appear after the year of publication. The references should be listed in full at the end of the paper in the following standard forms:
References to books: author‘s or editor's name. year of publication. title. place of publication: publisher.
References to articles in an edited collection: author‘s name. year of publication. “article title.” first and last page numbers in title of collection, editor‘s name. place of publication: publisher.
References to articles in conference proceedings: author‘s name.  year of publication. “article title.” first and last page numbers in title of proceedings, editor‘s name (if any). place and date of conference and/or organization from which the proceedings can be obtained. place of publication: publisher.
References to articles in periodicals: author‘s name. year of publication. “article title.” full title of periodical volume number (issue number where appropriate): first and last page numbers.
References to technical reports or doctoral dissertations: author‘s name. year of publication. title of report or dissertation. location of institution: institution.
Tables and Figures: Tables should be typed with the approximate position in the text indicated. Submit your figures with captions as hardcopy printouts and in an electronic format. This helps us to reproduce your work to the best possible standards, ensuring accuracy, clarity and a high level of detail.
Proofs: One set of page proofs will be sent to the corresponding author, to be checked for typesetting/editing and should be returned to the editorial office by the deadline indicated. Where major developments have taken place to incorporate postscripts, authors should discuss this with the Editor at the time.
Authority and Responsibilities: The Journal reserves the right to edit the accepted articles. The Editor and the Publisher accept no responsibility for the opinions and statements of authors.
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