Management and Accounting Departments were originally founded within the “Faculty of Informatics and Management” in 1976. In 1991, The Faculty was re-named as “Faculty of Administrative Sciences” embracing the older management departments.

In 2004, the “Faculty of Administrative Sciences” gained a new form and organization under the Faculty of Management and Accounting”. 

Faculty of Management and accounting has full time undergraduate /graduate/ Professional/ PhD Programs/ offering a broad range of studies in management and Accounting.
The main campus is located in Tehran/ Iran with a branch campus in Dubai .        

The mission of this faculty is to educate a socially and economically diverse population by fostering in intellectual achievement, personal growth and by providing for career development. Inherent in this mission is the intent to develop an awareness of technical/ social/ political/ cultural/ economical/ and ethical issues. To accomplish this mission, the faculty consists of the following departments.


Viewed: 2003