The Faculty of Mathematical Sciences includes three departments of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences.
The administration consists of dean, vice dean of research, vice dean of educational affairs and graduate study. The faculty has full time faculty members and a number of instructors.
The faculty of Mathematical Sciences was established in 1990 and consisted of two departments of statistics and mathematics. Later in 1999 the department of computer sciences was established in this faculty.

The faculty has organized several conferences past few years, namely

  • 24th Iranian Mathematics Conference (IMC) in April 1994
  • 24th International Statistics Conference in August 1998
  • 1st Students Seminar on Statistics: August 1999
  • 12th Seminar of Algebra in April 2000
  • 1st Seminar of Insurance Statistics in August 2000
  • 1st Seminar on philosophy of Mathematics, Oct 2001
  • 1st Workshop on the History of Mathematics, Oct 2004
  • Stochastic Differential Equations of Mathematical Finance June 18-26 2005
  • The 1st Workshop on Applied Mathematical joint between Iran & France
  • Annual Seminar of Blossoms of Math. From 1996 to 2000
  • Center of Excellence in Algebraic and Logical structures in Discrete Mathematics and their Applications  And also The faculty provides the following facilities:
    Three computer centers and a laboratory of statistics provide professional services to students and faculty members.
    The faculty shares specialized library with the faculty of sciences.
    The faculty has been hosting the national and international conferences.
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