Faculty of theology and religions


The history of the establishment of the Faculty : 

considering the comprehensiveness of Shahid Beheshti University , and noticing the absence of a Faculty of theology and religions among the complex of  Faculties, and with regard to the existing potential for establishing the fore- mentioned Faculty , after long studies and holding specialized sessions by the members of the scientific Board of the group of Islamic knowledge (which is known as the highest ranking group), and consulting the members of scientific Boards of the groups of philosophy, theology(kalam), and Gnosticism, finally with the agreement of the council of the university, and The board of trustees of the ministry of Science, research, and technology authorization for this faculty was issued in 1386.
This Faculty is now actively engaged in educational and research activities at BA, MA, and complementary education alongside the following educational groups:
1. the group of Islamic Knowledge
2. Philosophy and theology
3. Islamic studied teaching
4. Religions and Gnosticism
5. the research center for dedication.

     This Faculty will be developed in the fields of the philosophy of religion jurisprudence and the basis of the Islamic law, and Quranic Sciences.


Membership in councils

The Islamic Thoughts department is a member of the educational council and research council of the university, which is informed of decisions, circulars and instructions relating to this department or other faculties, due to its active presence in these councils.

Selection of the department manager

As per the regulations, manager of the Islamic Thoughts Department (except for the first term) is selected through the votes of the faculty members like managers of other departments, and upon introduction to the chancellor of the university, he is appointed for a period of two years. So far the following persons have been appointed as managers of the department: Dr. Seyed Abolhassan Makhzan Mousavi, Hojatoleslam Saeed Taslimi, Hojatoleslam Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi Varkiani(one term each), and Dr. Hassan Saeedi (three terms).

Specialized journal of the department

Three issues of the specialized quarterly have been published under the title of "Ayeneh Ma refat" with philosophical and theological nature. The fourth issue is being prepared for publication. Executive manager of the journal is Dr. Hassan Saeedi and its editor- in- chief is Dr. Mitra Poorsina. Members of the board of the journal are: Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi Varkiani (assistant professor, Shahid Beheshti University), Dr. Seyed Ali Akbar Afjei (professor, Allameh Tabatabaei University), Dr. Reza Akbarian ( assistant professor , Tarbiat Modaress University), Dr. Mohsen وJavadi (assistant professor, Ghom University), Dr. Seyed Hassan Saadalt Mostafavi (associate professor, Imam Sadegh University), Dr. Hassan Saeedi (assistant professor, Shahid Beheshti University), Dr. Mohammad Ali Sheikh ( professor, Shahid Beheshti University), Dr. Manouchehr .Sanei(associate professor, Shahid Beheshti University)

Divisions and sections of Islamic Thoughts Department

Based on the mainly educational responsibility, its educational and executive sections are as follows: Management, education, secretariat, computer, library, and duplication section

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