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Iran, Sweden to expand academic and scientific cooperation

Published: 2017/02/17 11:16 PM


Dr. Farhadi, the Iranian minister of science, research and technology met with Ann Linde, the Swedish minister for EU affairs and trade on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017. Dr. Sadough, president of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU), and Dr. Shirani, director of international scientific cooperations of SBU also attended the meeting.

In this meeting, Farhadi said that Iran has very close scientific and research ties with other Europe Union countries, including Germany, Austria, France and Italy. He went on to say that the exchange of professors and students, joint scientific and research projects, and holding the meetings between the two countries’ presidents of universities are among the most important aspects of the mutual scientific ties. Farhadi added that the Scientific Committees of the two countries have been set up at the national level and has brought good results.

Farhadi also referred to the MoU signed between Iran and Sweden during the Swedish prime minister's visit to Iran, calling it an important step in the scientific relations of the two countries.

He said that about 439 Iranian students are now studying in Sweden, and expressed hope to eventually see a two-way student exchange develop between the two countries.

The Iranian minister of science, research and technology said in addition to technical programs and nanotechnology, Iranian universities can accept Swedish students in some certain programs like Middle East studies and Iranian and Islamic art.

Ann Linde, for his part, said we are well aware of Iran’s scientific and technological progress and seeking good cooperation in the field of health, science and engineering with the country.

She added that in Sweden, 3.8 percent of GDP is dedicated to research, and the Swedish government has had an appropriate investment in research in the past 10 years and is trying to increase it.

The Swedish minister for EU affairs and trade said that Sweden is a perfect destination in the world.

She added that we are trying to help the scholarship students who can cooperate in research at the international level.

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