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The 10th International TELLSI Conferecne ,16-19 October 2012

Published: 2012/05/15 12:00 AM

The TELLSI International Conference is a well-established conference in Iran and has consistently attracted at least 600 participants and presenters at every occasion. Held annually at various locations in Iran, it is now in its tenth round and will this year be held at Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran. The theme of the 10th TELLSI Conference is “Bridging the Gap between Research, Policy and Practice”.

The theme of the 10th TELLSI conference is ‘Bridging the Gap between Research, Policy and Practice’. The major aims of the conference are as follows:
1. Localizing the new trends in ELT with the aim of making the research in the filed more practice-oriented
2. Taking a research-oriented approach toward the issues of ELT in Iran
3. Increasing the share of local research on ELT in the country’s body of research
4. Identifying and using the potential capacity of science and research with the aim of improving ELT at general, secondary and tertiary levels of education
5. Drawing up a strategic document focusing on the above-mentioned aims with a set timetable to be followed by the university

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