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International Conference on Public Law in the Holy Quran Tehran-November 2012

Published: 2012/11/04 12:00 AM

Legal Vice Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran and UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy with Cooperation Center for Coordination Development and Popularization of Iran Quranic Activities and Culture and Relations Islamic Organization

Fatemeh Bodaghi, Ph.D
Scientific Secretary:
Bagher Ansari, Ph.D, Head of UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy
Executive Secretary:
Mohammad Adami, Ph.D Candidate in International Law. Allameh Tabatabaei University

The Main Themes for Discussion

 1- Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in the Holy Quran

Human Dignity in the Holy Quran, Concept of Rights and Duties in the Holy Quran, Freedom in the Holy Quran, Equality in the Holy Quran, Freedom of Thought and Expression in the Holy Quran, Freedom of the Parties and Associ ations, Right to choice and Self-Determination in the Holy Quran, Right to criticism of Government  in the  Holy  Quran  (Commanding Rights  and  Forbidding Wrongs),  Right  to  Privacy  in the Holy  Quran,  Minority  Rights  in  the  Holy  Quran,  Woman’s  Rights  in the  Holy  Quran,  Right  to  Personal Security  in the  Holy  Quran, The  Right  to  Property  and Economic  Freedoms  in the  Holy  Quran,  Right to Social Security in the Holy Quran, Citizenship Rights in the Holy Qu ran, Human  and Humanitarian Rights in the Holy Quran


2- Government and Governance in the Holy Quran

Legitimacy of the Government in the Holy Quran, Formation of the Government and Transfer of Power in the Holy Quran, Qualifications of the Governor in the Holy Quran, Good governance in the Holy Quran, Duties  and Powers  of the  Government  in  the  Holy  Quran,  Limits  of  State  Interference  with  Individual Rights,  Transparency,  Responsibility  and Accountability  of the  Government  in  the  Holy  Quran,  Rule  of Law in the Holy Quran, Role of Holy Quran in Legislation

 Abstract submission deadline: 30 July 2012

Full paper submission deadline: 31 August 2012

 An abstract of the proposed paper including title, a brief (300 words + 6 key words), main objective,  method and results of the work and the name,  mailing address, phone, and e-mail  of  the  author  of  paper  should  be  sent  as  an  e-mail  attachment  (only  M-S  Word Document).

 All submitted abstracts are reviewed by the Scientific Committee before acceptance and the  author  will  be  notified by  10 August  2012.Accepted papers  may  be  submitted in English,  French,  Arabic  or  Persian.  However,  the  final  decision  of  presentation  style  is also made by the Scientific Committee. All the papers approved will be published in the Bulletin of the Conference.

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International Conference on Public Law in the Holy Quran

KeyWords: International Conference on Public Law in the Holy Quran
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