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First MoU executive committee meeting of cooperation between SBU and ECO Cultural Organization

Published: 2017/10/16 3:47 AM


The first MoU executive committee meeting of cooperation between SBU and cultural organization of ECO was held on September 24th, 2017 in the International Academic Collaboration Office at SBU. In the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Sharghi, Senior Consultant of International Academic Collaboration Office, introduced the mutual cooperation fields and emphasized that SBU is benefiting from the high capacity of regional and international cooperation. In this meeting, the following subjects have been arranged with the presence of both sides’ representatives:


ü  Academic and research activities in the fields of countries related to ECO shall be reflected to the Eco Cultural Organization in order to benefit from accomplishable supports.


ü  Planning and holding annual conferences with the cooperation of both sides


ü  Introducing university students of the countries who are members of ECO to the ECO organization in order to encourage them and profit from the supports of the organization


ü  ECO cultural Organization’s suggestion according to the publishing of ECO Times Magazine with the approval of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences has been announced, and it has been arranged that the ECO organization and the Faculty discuss and agree on the details of the mentioned suggestion.


ü  SBU and ECO will cooperate in the field of publishing mutual journals, books and offering them in the bounds of ten member countries.

ü Holding mutual expertized round-table discussions and developing cooperation between faculty members of SBU and expert council of ECO.

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Source: International Academic Collaboration Office

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