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SBU selected as main base of international sleep studies in ENIGMA

Published: 2017/10/27 10:45 PM

Dr. Masoud Tahmasian stated: "The structural and functional imaging of the brain of those with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea (pauses in breathing during sleep) and insomnia have led to the recognition of the mechanisms of these diseases and the resulting changes in the brain".
He added: "a few recent studies, conducted by the Institute of Medical Science and  Technology (IMSAT) ​of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) and Sleep Disorder Research Center of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (KUMS) in collaboration with well-known researchers from Germany and England, observed that there is a direct relationship between sleep disorders and the changes in the brain's base network and excitement perception network as well as atrophy in different parts of the brain such as hippocampus and amygdale".
Dr. Tahmasyan said: "Recently, we have shown in a meta-analysis study that sleep apnea disorder is five times higher in patients with Alzheimer's disease".
"Sleep apnea is one of the most important preventable risk factors for Alzheimer's disease," he added. "Also, studies performed in KUMS under the supervision of Dr. Habibollah Khazaei have shown that insomnia in the last trimester of pregnancy increases the risk of postpartum depression, and the treatment of insomnia treatment under the supervision of a psychiatrist reduces the intensity of postpartum depression".
Associate Dean for Research and education of IMSAT​ of SBU continued: "Following the successful holding of the Third Iranian Brain Mapping Congress at SBU in August 2017 and the presence of world's leading scientists in this field and in view of the quality of the Iranian published articles, prof. Paul Thompson of the University of Southern California and head of the Enigma International Project (brain study using MRI) proposed the establishment of a sleep research group and selected the IMSAT​ of SBU as the main base of ​​ international sleep studies".
He added: "this group has been able to attract outstanding researchers from the Netherlands, England and Germany to work with the ENIGMA Sleep Working Group, and the start of the activities of the group will be officially announced at the 4th Iranian Brain Mapping Congress".
Dr. Tahmasian continued: "ENIGMA is an international consortium in which researchers from at least 35 countries collaborate on various areas of brain diseases. In this project, the researchers are contributing to the huge global research by sharing their research results and publishing them in meta-analysis articles in the most prestigious scientific journals".
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News : SBU selected as main base of international sleep studies in ENIGMA