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Iranian-Austrian Symposium held at Medicinal Plants and Drugs Research Institute

Published: 2017/10/30 3:54 AM

An Iranian-Austrian symposium entitled “Alpine Habitations” was held at the hall of Medicinal Plants and Drugs Research Institu​te of SBU on October 22nd, 2017. This symposium was held mutually by Austria and Iran according to the suggestion of Austrian Embassy in Iran and Cultural Society of Austria. The purpose of holding this one day symposium was strengthening the international scientific relations between the two countries emphasizing on the two nations’ cultural knowledge and expansion in the scope of agriculture, environment and tourism literature. This symposium was held by Medicinal Plants and Drugs and Environmental Sciences Research Institutes in collaboration with the Faculties of Letters and Human Sciences and Life Sciences and Biotechnology. At this symposium, outstanding guests and lecturers of the Austrian Embassy in Iran, Austrian Cultural Society, Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Vienna's Natural History Museum, University of Vienna, Uppsala University of Sweden, Victoria University of New Zealand, Shahid Beheshti University, different democratic organizations, rural cooperatives and healthy medicinal product companies have been attended and engaged in lecture and discussion from different points of view. Dr. Liaghati, Dean of Environmental Sciences Research Institute welcomed guests and expressed the purpose of the symposium. Dr. Abtahi, Stefan Scholz and Dr. Behzad Nejhad delivered lecture in the opening ceremony. Dr. Abtahi, Vice-president of Research and Technology of SBU emphasized that the scientific collaboration of Iran and Austria has a long record of services and goes back to the era of Dar ul-Funun. The collaboration has been outstanding in the field of natural resources, specifically jungles and internal waters. Dr. abtahi mentioned that habitations and alpine habitations are very important in Iran, Middle East, Caucasus district and Alps mountain district, and the activities and studies of Shahid Beheshti University in the field of Environmental Sciences are very significant. After him, Mr. Stefan Scholz, Austrian Ambassador in Iran emphasized the importance of holding mutual and targeted scientific programs and introduced those as an impressive step in the course of strengthening the relations between Iran and European Countries. He also mentioned that Iran can have an axial role in Middle East and Central Asia district in the scope of environment and natural disasters. Dr. Behzad Nejhad, Director of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization’s International Office discussed Iran’s tourism attractions and its role in strengthening International relations with other countries.
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After the opening ceremony, the attendees took part in four educational workshops that were held at the same time and exchanged their ideas on expertized subjects. These four educational workshops were in the scope of Phytology, Medicinal plants, Tourism Literature, Agricultural History and Anthropology, and were welcomed by the attendees.

In the closing ceremony, each one of the workshops’ representatives presented their summing up of workshops and at the end Dr. Ghassempour, Dean of Medicinal Plants and  Drugs Research Institute delivered the closing lecture and emphasized the prominent goals and spirit of holding international scientific-expertized symposiums.
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News : Iranian-Austrian Symposium held at Medicinal Plants and Drugs Research Institute