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Experts of the Center for Iranian Studies in Ankara visit Regional Studies Research Institute

Published: 2017/12/13 2:53 AM

Dr. Ahmet Uysal, Dr. Murat Aslan, Dr. Serhan Afacan and Dr. Ismail Sari, experts from the Center for Iranian Studies in Ankara visited Regional Studies Res​earch Institute of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) on Monday, November 29, 2017 and discussed various research issues. Considering the focus of the center on Iranian studies, the two sides emphasized the strengthening of research and academic cooperation with a concentration on various educational and research aspects.

In light of the recent positive trends in the relations between Iran and Turkey, the meeting emphasized the mission of research centers to help strengthen and consolidate the sustainability of bilateral and regional relations between the two countries. The two parties discussed various issues, including the need for institutionalization of bilateral relations, advancement of economic projects, development of lasting interactions in the region, strengthening of the triangle of relations between Iran, Russia and Turkey, and the changing role of the United States and the West in these relations. In this regard, the parties welcomed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between SBU and the Center for Iranian Studies in Ankara, which was considered the basis for continuous research collaboration.

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