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Experts from CRS of RA Public Administration Academy visit Regional Studies Research Institute

Published: 2017/12/16 2:29 AM

Dr. Tigran Haroutiunian, Rector of the Center for Regional Studies (CRS) of the Republic of Armenia Public Administration Academy, affiliated with the Presidential Office of the Republic of Armenia, and Johnnie Melikian, a senior researcher at this center visited Regional Studies Research Institute of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU), and discussed various research issues. The meeting discussed various bilateral regional issues, including  economic exchanges, transit cooperation solutions such as transit corridor among Iran, Armenia and Georgia, relations between the two countries in the field of energy, Russian-American variables in bilateral relations, Iran's role in helping to resolve the Karabakh conflict, and cultural and social cooperations especially in the field of tourism.

The meeting also emphasized the need to strengthen various educational interactions between Iran and Armenia with respect to exchanging professors and students, including the deployment of professors from SBU to the educational and research centers of Armenia. In this regard, it was stipulated that the parties could consider signing a memorandum of cooperation between the two centers, which could provide a more specific framework for scientific, educational and research relations.

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