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Dr. Yousef Rashidi gives a speech at Iran-EU environmental cooperation conference

Published: 2017/12/26 2:49 AM

A six-day conference on environmental cooperation between Iran and the European Union was held in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency and experts from the EU member states on issues of air pollution, water and marine environment, and circular economy centered on waste management at Tehran's Milad Tower on November 21-26, 2017.

On the second day of the conference, Dr. Yousef Rashidi, a faculty member of the Environmental Research Institute of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) pointed to two joint Sweden-Japan projects implemented twenty years ago to measure the pollution and reduce the pollution caused by cars, and said: "Almost three years after those projects, Tehran's comprehensive air pollution reduction program was formulated".

Dr. Rashidi continued: "In the first step of this program and in 2000, measures were taken to standardize the related areas and, as an example, we managed to remove lead from fuels."

He added: "In 2014, in order to improve the quality of air improvement projects, we conducted a study on the nature and source of pollutant particles and developed new programs in this area."

The former vice president of Environmental Protection Agency highlighted some of the challenges of air pollution response programs, saying that failure to comply with established standards and failure to install DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) by automakers are examples of these challenges.

This university professor also referred to the progress and achievements of implementing air pollution control programs, adding that reducing diesel sulfur in diesel fuel from 7,000 ppm to 50 ppm is one of the good achievements in the implementation of air pollution control programs.

Dr. Rashidi stressed the necessity of focusing on the transportation system to reduce air pollution in Tehran and many metropolitan and city centers, and commented: "Reducing intra-city travel through the development of e-government, improving infrastructure and developing public transport, setting the requirement to install DPF (particulate filter) on vehicles, enforcing strict rules for the transport of worn-out vehicles, and accurate planning to scrap and evacuate the worn-out vehicles from the cycle of transport, upgrading fuel quality, implementing strict standards for manufactured and imported vehicles are amongst some of the essential programs in this area."

Recalling that noise pollution today is as widespread as air pollution, he said: "We can counter pollution only by formulating and approving laws and programs."

The faculty member of the Environmental Research Institute of SBU said: "Despite the fact that there are currently good and comprehensive laws and programs in the area of air pollution, ignoring the social sciences and cultural issues is amongst the defects of air pollution control programs, and we need to take advantage of the knowledge of specialists in the social and cultural spheres to take practical steps using the rules."​

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News : Dr. Yousef Rashidi gives a speech at Iran-EU environmental cooperation conference