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Third Graduate Ceremony of Farsi learners of Persian Language Training Centre

Published: 2018/01/29 10:24 PM

The third ceremony of Farsi language learners of Persian Language Training Centre (PLTC) has been observed at Nasser Khosro Hall of the Letters and Humanities Faculty on Sunday, February 21st, 2018.

Public Relations reported that Dr. Akbari, Dean of Letters and Humanities Faculty, expres​sed his satisfaction from the presence of Non-Farsi Speakers at the PLTC and their interest in learning Farsi language. He also mentioned that through learning Farsi they will become familiar with the great and ancient culture and civilization of Iran.


Dr. Khatami, one of the other lecturers of this ceremony, congratulated Farsi Language and Literature Learners at the PLTC and added that he expects this center to put all its expanded and profound efforts into educating Farsi to Farsi language learners.

Expressing his satisfaction from presenting in the assembly of Farsi Education Centre’s graduates, Dr. Abtahi, Vice-President of Research and Technology Department, on behalf of Dr. Sadough, President of SBU said that there is a proverb that says every language is like a world and each person who learns a new language will get to know a new world; so, I congratulate you on your entry to the world of Farsi language. He also mentioned that deep knowledge of languages has an in-depth impression on human’s prospect, recognition and thoughts.

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