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President of International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) meets SBU President

Published: 2018/03/06 2:33 AM

Mrs. Glòria Pérez-Salmerón, President of International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) met Dr. Seyed Hassan Sadough, SBU President on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Welcoming Mrs. Pérez-Salmerón, Dr. Sadough said:  "The development of cyberspace has affected book reading and using libraries. It should be noted that educating scientists and gaining deep insight into the scientific materials is mainly dependent on book reading. The new communication tools facilitate this process, but they do not replace books. Young people, professors and libraries turning to new communication tools in the cyberspace have influenced book reading. That's why you have an extraordinary responsibility in the world and universities. Books and those who read them preserve the historical memory of the world and transfer knowledge and science from one generation to another."

SBU President added: "You are visiting a country that holds a large part of the scientific memory of the world. We have a very strong cultural and scientific heritage that is rooted in history. Today, there is no one who deals with science and literature today and is not familiar with Hafez, Rumi, Saadi and other Persian poets."


Dr. Sadough continued: "How do you know Jundishapur Library and Science Center? In the flourishing scientific civilization of the 2nd century AH, we saw the development of exact sciences in which the Iranians played active roles. Great scholars including Farabi, Zakaria Razi and Ibn Sina are among the world's scientific geniuses who have maintained their reputation and have a special place in the study of the history of science in the world. I hope you will get acquainted with part of the cultural heritage of our country and see them in our libraries. I also hope that your visit to the Central Library of Shahid Beheshti University would be pleasant."

Mrs. Perezalméron said: I thank you for the opportunity you have provided for my presence, and I also express my appreciation to the National Library of Iran for the coordination of my visit to various Iranian universities. I believe that the activities of the libraries should be open, and the information should be publicly available to individuals, and this is one of the great goals of the IFLA. Therefore, our approach is to set up a global vision plan, to formulate various standards and instructions for different libraries and thereby to identify the weaknesses in the field of library and information science. The path the world is taking has led people to move toward cyberspace. The world has come to this understanding that to achieve democracy people should access knowledge and information. Reading books and accessing knowledge on the right track are important issues to be addressed. We are in a world where we must always have access to information sources. In its specialized sections, IFLA focuses on a topic called protecting and maintaining information resources.  It aims to protect the civilization of humanity and provides new ways to maintain information. I'm from Spain. One of the best Spanish writers is Cervantes. Many young people have read his books, including Don Quixote. The characteristic of your country is that it has protected it religious and cultural heritage. In IFLA, we can have a proper plan to preserve your information resources in keeping with the related standards. On the other hand, it is necessary to innovate and use databases in the libraries Thanks again for the opportunity you have provided. IFLA is on the path to culture and science and is working on this.

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