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Second meeting of Iranian-French academic and research collaboration held in France

Published: 2018/06/25 11:42 PM

The second joint meeting of Iranian-French academic and research collaboration was held at the university campus in Saclay in the southwestern suburbs of Paris, France on June 19-20, 2018.
The meeting was attended by Dr. Gholami, the Minister of Science, Research and Technology and presidents of some of the top universities, including Shahid Beheshti University, University of Tehran, Sharif University of Technology, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran University of Science & Technology, University of Isfahan, Isfahan University of Technology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad as well as a number of research and medical science centers.
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Holding bilateral meetings in different fields of science, engineering, humanities and culture on the sidelines of the main meeting and visiting research centers such as SOLEIL, the French National Synchrotron Facility are amongst other programs of this meeting.

From the French side, a number of presidents and representatives of major universities and research centers as well as senior officials from the Ministry of Higher Education, the State Department for European Affairs and the French Embassy in Tehran participated in this meeting.
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Describing the qualitative level of the universities and research centers in Iran, Dr. Gholami expressed Iran's readiness to cooperate with French universities.

He further said that there should be a road map for strengthening the scientific and educational cooperation between the two countries, and we should focus more on conducting joint research projects and academic programs.

Then, Dr. Sadough, president of SBU, addressed the meeting. The main topics discussed by the Dr. Sadough included programs for Iranian students to enjoy short-term research opportunities in France, problems of student exchange, and joint programs in several fields, such as international law.
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News : Second meeting of Iranian-French academic and research collaboration held in France