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International Conference on Mysticism and Sufism in Persian Literature

Published: 2013/01/20 12:00 AM

An international conference on mysticism and Sufism in Persian literature will be held in India in March of this year.

According to the report by the Public Relations Office of the SBU, Persian Language Research Center of the Aligarh University is going to hold an international seminar on Mysticism and Sufism in Persian Literature at Aligarh University in March 9-11, 2013.

Preparing the ground for the examination and criticism of the valuable Persian works as the shared precious legacy of Iran and India is amongst the objectives of organizing this conference.

Mysticism and Sufism enjoy a special position in the history of Persian Literature. Persian poetry and Literature is one of the most significant and illustrious Phenomena of Mysticism and Sufism, and the outstanding Iranian and Indian Faqihs, scientists, mystics, Poets and authors have composed thousands of valuable and precious works in these fields.

Providing the grounds for the criticism and examination of the role of mysticism in Persian poetry and literature, examining the various aspects and angles of Sufism and the role of Iranian and Indian poets and authors in preserving and maintaining this common valuable legacy constitute the other objectives of this conference.

Topics of the papers and presentations of this conference include: the origins of mysticism, the history of the growth and expansion of Sufism in Iran and India, Iranian and Indian mystic poets, reflection of mysticism in the works of Iranian and Indian authors, humanism in Sufism, Ibn Arabi's philosophy and ideas, the role of 'unity of being' in mystic thought, mysticism in Ghazals, different levels of Sufism, the role of mysticism in Indian music, the influence of Sufists among the rulers and the great men, love in mysticism, Molana and Masnavi, the share of different areas of India in the mystic poetry and literature, the role of mystics and sufists in the expansion of Islam, and the influence of monastery in India.


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