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Fourth Graduate Ceremony of Persian Learners of PLTC

Published: 2018/07/11 2:03 AM

The fourth graduate ceremony of Persian language learners of Persian Language Training Centre (PLTC) was held at Naser Khosrow Hall of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

According to the Public Relation Office of SBU, Dr Esmaeilpour, head of the Center, conveyed congratulations to Persian learners on the completion of the course: "Now that you have learned Persian after a year of hard work, I expect you to consider the history and background of this language. Persian is a three thousand-year-old language. It was the international language of the Silk Road in the Middle Ages. The Silk Road was not just a commercial highway. It had a great cultural impact. The traders of this road created culture and civilization."

Referring to the history of the Persian language, he said: "What remains today as the product of this language is a rich culture, art and civilization that you got familiar with part of it during the course of studying Persian. You can see the presence of Persian in fine literature as well as Islamic art and mysticism".

Emphasizing the importance of human civilizations, Dr. Esmaeilpour said: "By learning a new language, the world seems to you more and more profound, and you receive all the appearances of civilization, including culture, religion and art from a new window. All civilizations have a cultural and civilian depth, and they are all members of the family that built up a part of the world's culture over the ages."

The head of the Center, finally, expressed hope that the graduates will become acquainted more with the culture and civilization of Iran by pursuing their studies at Iran's universities, especially SBU.

Dr. Ghalamboran, director of International Students Office, congratulated the graduates and said: "Although the Center is newly established, it has gained significant achievements in educating Persian language over time. The professors of the Center are among the prominent experts of Persian language."

Dr. Ghalamboran added: "Now that you have learned Persian, you have been given the key to opening the doors of Persian knowledge, culture and art produced by the Iranians. Persian is a language for peaceful communication. Linguists believe that a successful language is a language that presents all the inner emotions and mental intentions of humans in a beautiful and pleasing manner. If we consider these indicators for the assessment of languages, a few languages ​​have this ability."

Dr. Akbari, Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, was the other speaker of the ceremony. He congratulated the Persian graduates, saying: "I'm very happy that the Center provided the conditions for us to host students from all over the world. I hope you have spent good days at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of SBU."

Dr. Akbari emphasized: "The Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences is our family and now you are a member of this family. Whenever you travel to Iran, this family will embrace you."

Finally, Dr. Tabatabaei, deputy head of the Center, presented a report: "So far, four courses have been held at this center, and 350 students from all over the world have been admitted. Today, 25 of the Persian students have graduated from the course."



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News : Fourth Graduate Ceremony of Persian Learners of PLTC