Shahid Beheshti University

11th International Pishrobot Olympiad held at SBU

Published: 2018/08/12 10:33 PM

The 11th International Pishrobot Olympiad entitled as "STEAM CUP IRAN 2018" was held with the participation of nearly 600 students in 500 teams at Shahid Beheshti University (SBU). The participants were students aged between six and 18 years old from different provinces of Iran and Kabul, Afghanistan.


The Olympiad has 16 different leagues. Four leagues are held in an innovative way so that participants from different age groups make their own creative structures. Other major leagues include Giant Robots, Rescue Robots, Mars Exploration Robots, and Humanoid Robos. Humanoid Robots League is held in four items: running, basketball, football and weightlifting. The goal of this Olympiad is to evaluate problem solving ability that has been taught in the training courses of the contest. More details about this Olympiad are available on its website:
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News : 11th International Pishrobot Olympiad held at SBU