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Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Tehran meets SBU President

Published: 2019/05/28 2:40 AM


​Askhat Orazbay, the new ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Tehran, met with Dr. Sadough, SBU President, at the presidential office of SBU on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

According to the Public Relations Office of the University, Dr. Sadough, in a speech welcoming the Kazakh ambassador, said: “The responsibility of international scientific cooperation working group has been delegated to SBU by the Iranian Ministry of Science. Considering your scientific and executive background, I hope your tenure of office as the ambassador of Kazakhstan lead to the expansion of academic contacts between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kazakhstan.”

Referring to the visit of SBU delegation from Kazakhstan and the universities of this country, SBU President said: “In Kazakhstan I noticed the kinship and cultural commonality between the two countries more than before. Undoubtedly, the existence of common scientific and literary figures and scholars in the historical background of the two nations has strengthened the roots of commonality between Iran and Kazakhstan.”


Dr. Sadough added: Activities performed in the field of Persian language at Alfarabi University were encouraging to me. On my trip to Kazakhstan, I met with enthusiastic Kazakh students interested in learning Persian language, which was a sweet experience for me.

SBU President emphasized: Geographic and territorial affinity between the two countries is very important. Hopefully, with the support of our cultural commonalities and civilizational backgrounds, we will be able to take effective steps to expand academic and scientific relations.

Referring to the importance and position of Kazakhstan in the region, SBU President said: During the recent years, the city of Astana hosted important international meetings, and we are happy that Kazakhstan has good regional and international activities.

Introducing SBU, Dr. Sadough said: SBU is one of the top comprehensive Iranian universities, with a wide range of programs in the fields of basic sciences, engineering and humanities. The majority of university students study at postgraduate levels. The capacities of SBU provide a conducive field for bilateral scientific activities.

Thanking for the opportunity to attend SBU, Askhat Orazbay said: This is my pleasure that SBU is the first Iranian university that I visit. SBU has good cooperation with Kazakh universities, and so far, significant activities have been performed.


Referring to his personal interest in Farsi, Askhat Orazbay said: Many years ago, I and my colleagues in Kazakhstan organized Iranology and Persian Studies programs at Al-Farabi University because of our interests in Persian language and the Iranian culture and civilization.

Considering the role and place of Iranian civilization and culture in history, the Kazakh ambassador emphasized: Kazakh scholars and professors have a great interest in Iranian culture and civilization. Teaching Persian language, and Iranian civilization and culture are among the fields that are welcomed by scholars in Kazakhstan.

Announcing his readiness to expand bilateral scientific and cultural relations, Askhat Orazbay said: As the ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Islamic Republic of Iran, I support scientific and cultural interactions and I hope that by deepening the bilateral relations between the universities of Iran and Kazakhstan, we will see the fruits of these collaborations in the near future and we can develop mutual interactions by exchanging teachers and students and holding joint conferences.


At the end of his speech, the Kazakh ambassador invited Dr. Sadough to visit Kazakhstan and the universities of Kazakhstan, and stated: During the 27-year-old history of Kazakhstan's independence and at the most difficult times, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a friendly country for Kazakhstan, and this friendship between Iran and Kazakhstan as well as the common cultural ties are very valuable.

In a visit to the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences of SBU, the Kazakh Ambassador addressed his lecture on "Kazakhstan and Bilateral Relations with Iran" to faculty members and students of this faculty.

Introducing the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askhat Orazbay said: Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, with a population of over 18 million, located in the heart of Central Asia. 70 percent of the population of this country are Muslim.


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News : Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Tehran meets SBU President

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