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17th International Management Conference to be held at SBU

Published: 2020/11/21 8:23 AM


The 17th International Management Conference will be held on December 7-9, 2020 by the Faculty of Management and Accounting of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU).

According to the university's Public Relations Office, the main topics of this conference include strategic management and future research, new ideas and theories in management developments, marketing, communications and internationalization of enterprises, development of knowledge-based companies and economic change and sustainable development, professional ethics and social responsibility.

Among the features of the 17th International Management Conference are: contributing articles and giving lectures by domestic and foreign thinkers and theorists; evaluating scientific-research articles based on the comments by the reviewers of twelve scientific committees; presenting scientific-research achievements by scientists and thinkers in various fields of management; giving lectures by national and international experts; creating a knowledge space for the exchange of new theories and ideas; organizing management consulting clinics and specialized meetings in order to examine current issues of the country; and creating a specialized virtual exhibition of books and publications on management.

The goals of this conference include: explaining the importance and role of management knowledge in the economic development of the country, disseminating views, theories and findings of domestic and foreign research in the field of management, projecting the best experiences of organizations on the main topics of the conference, introducing new approaches to improve the effectiveness of organizations in reinforcing the economic indicators and economic prosperity, and answering the questions, ambiguities, problems and challenges facing those involved in the current situation.

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News : 17th International Management Conference to be held at SBU

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