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7th meeting on international scientific cooperation with Russia hosted by SBU

Published: 2021/06/22 5:28 AM

The seventh meeting of the National Working Group on International Scientific Cooperation with Russia was hosted virtually by SBU on Sunday, June 20, 2021, with the attendance of guests and representatives from member universities, research institutes and centers of the working group.

In this meeting, Dr. Karimian, SBU’s Director of International Scientific Cooperation presented a statistical report on the activities of the members of the working group and gave a brief summary of the decisions of the sixth meeting of the working group.

Then Dr. Nasiri Gheidari, President of SBU, gave his speech, in which he mentioned that networking to facilitate relations is one of the important goals of SBU and added: “Sharing the achievements of the members of the working group in order to prevent duplication is one of the most important programs of the working group”.

In continuation, Dr. Alizadeh, Deputy Minister of Scientific Cooperation and Specialized Organizations of the Center for International Scientific Cooperation of the Iranian Ministry of Science, enumerated the major policies of the Ministry of Science in the field of international relations, and stressed the need to adopt approaches that gain the Iranian universities’ share from the science cycle.

Then Dr. Najafi, Scientific Advisor and Supervisor of Iranian Students in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia, spoke about cooperation with Russia. He referred to the issue of teaching Russian language in the country as one of the important priorities that deserves special attention due to its high turnover. Dr. Gholami, Representative of the Vice President for Science and Technology, and Dr. Kouhian, International Advisor of the Islamic Azad University also made some remarks in this respect.

At the end of the meeting, a question and answer session was held.

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News : 7th meeting on international scientific cooperation with Russia hosted by SBU

Shahid Beheshti University

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