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“Plant Tissue Culture: Techniques and Experiments” published by SBU Press

Published: 2021/08/05 11:18 AM


The book “Plant Tissue Culture: Techniques and Experiments”, authored by Dr. Abbas Saidi, a faculty member of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Neda Irvani and Amir reza Zarekarizi was published recently by SBU Press in 226 pages.

Tissue culture technique, which is an effective tool for micropropagation, propagation, modification and production of plants under controlled in vitro conditions, has been used in research centers and commercial units around the world for the past several decades. Plant tissue culture cannot be considered a separate branch of science such as genetics, physiology, horticulture, etc. In fact, tissue culture is one of the biotechnology techniques and tools in the service of other sciences and helps them achieve their goals.

Today, there are many applications of plant tissue and cell culture that are used in various fields. Micropropagation, gene transfer, sanitization and germplasm preservation are the most common applications of tissue culture. in recent decades, in the field of medicinal and forest plants, this technique is used as an effective tool for the production of secondary metabolites under controlled conditions in addition to micropropagation, reproduction, production and protection of valuable and endangered medicinal plants. The micropropagation method is also used in tissue culture for the production of ornamental and garden plants. Tissue culture is also a complementary technique in the plant breeding sector; a pioneering method for providing suitable populations, shortening breeding programs, and for many agricultural activities which are almost impossible under farm conditions.

Familiarity of students with the basics of plant tissue culture, especially the practical aspects of this technique, will guide them to success in agricultural production. Biotechnology researchers and experts commonly use this technique at the level of laboratory research and business units. The authors of this book intend to provide basic tissue culture techniques and information to researchers, students, and experts. In this book, students are provided with basic principles that are needed in a tissue culture laboratory. The first sections of the book describe the equipment and safety principles required in a laboratory. The middle sections of the book deal with issues such as preparing the solutions needed for tissue culture and the technique of disinfecting the culture medium, and the final chapters of the book describe cell culture, protoplast culture, suspension culture, embryo culture, regeneration and in vitro micropropagation.

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News : “Plant Tissue Culture: Techniques and Experiments” published by SBU Press

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