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The Director of UNESCO CHRPD at SBU: Being under the rule of Law is the crucial civil right

Published: 2014/07/11 11:32 PM

The Director of UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy at Shahid Beheshti University: Being under the rule of law is the crucial civil right
In cooperation with the UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy and the Police (NAJA) on 16 June 2014, the first training session on the enacted civil rights and international instruments was held.
The meeting was attended by the director of CHRPD professor Hossein Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, deputy director Nader Nowrozi , educational manager Hassan Fada’i and some other authorities.
Emphasizing the respect of civil right by the Police and other organizations, the director maintained that being under the rule of law is the crucial right of each individual citizen.
Hussein Mir Mohammad Sadeghi on the sidelines of holding the first re-learning course with an emphasis on respect for civil right for the Police remarked that right to security is one of the inalienable rights of the citizens that the police are in the first line for achieving it. Fortunately, the commanders-in-chief of the police, knowing its importance, have attempted to internalize the subjects for the participants”.
Having pointed out that civil right was oppressed; he added that “in addition to civil rights, there are some assignments that the police and citizens are mutually responsible for each other”.
He also stated that the most important right of each individual is being under rule of law and fortunately all of civil rights, i.e. those for the suspects and accused, were considered in the constitutions.
Finally he mentioned that it cannot be absolutely claimed that the police or any other organizations totally respect civil rights; but, it must be taken in to account that the shortcomings by these courses will be eliminated”.

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Source: UNESCO Chair

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