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The First Joint Iran & Germany Conference on Renewable Energy - IGCRE 2014

Published: 2014/09/07 10:25 PM

Nowadays, with decaying fossil fuel resources, the issue of providing sustainable energy has been a major concern for governments all over the world. The most efforts has also been accomplished for overcoming energy challenges. In addition, governments and their dependent/independent power plants are forced to generate energy in an allowable range of pollutants. With these regards, utilization of other alternatives has been grown over the past decade. One of the key solutions is the use of the renewable energy resources. In order to secure and appropriate operation of the renewable energy resources, it requires to perform many researches on the renewable energy resources with different perspectives such as connect to the network, security and reliability of the network, power quality, etc. On the other hand, effective interaction with relevant industries is required more than ever. Hence, the First Joint Iran & Germany Conference on Renewable Energy (IGCRE) seeks to create a proper space for this purpose. This conference tries to establish a constructive interaction between industries and universities to open up the new and effective solution on the use of renewable energy resources. Accordingly, the main aims of this conference can be classified as follows:

  • To Introduce professionals and researchers in academic and industrial research centers;
  • To present recent scientific and technological achievements in various fields of renewable & clean energy technologies and the establishment of workshops 
  • To exchange technical information among researchers and activist in the industry;

In this conference, a series of workshops will be held to introduce recent innovations and developments in new researches and technologies. Furthermore, the main topics of the First Joint Iran & Germany Conference on Renewable Energy are:

  • Wind Energy 
  • Solar Energy 
  • Hybrid Renewable Energy 
  • Optimization and Management of Renewable Energy 
  • Economic and Environments Aspects of Renewable Energy 
  • Renewable Energy Plants and Successful Experiences of it in Energy

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News : The First Joint Iran & Germany Conference on Renewable Energy - IGCRE 2014

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