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Dr. Hussain Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, UNESCO Chairman for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy at Shahid Beheshti University, condemned the atrocities in Gaza

Published: 2014/09/27 11:37 PM

Having noted the atrocities committed by Israel and the actions of DAESH as the conspicuous violations of international standards, Dr. Mir Mohammad Sadeghi on the Islamic Human Rights Day demanded that UN Security Council refer these acts the International Criminal Court. In addition, in an article published in August, he condemned the atrocities and violations of DAESH and Israel. Some sections of his interview are as follows:
Human rights concerns in the broad sense have existed since the early days of human life on Earth. Different religions have emphasized fundamental human rights and the need to respect it. The foundation of human rights is based upon human dignity which has been accentuated in the introduction of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and an extract from Quran verses. These verses and other hadiths from Imams highlight this point that all human beings are born free and this freedom is an indispensible right of humans. Nonetheless, the concept of human rights has evolved over the years that needs consideration:
1.      The first evolution of the human rights system is that we are now faced with the generations of human rights. The first generation is related to civil and political rights that its obvious symbol is the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights signed in 1966.
The second generation is the economic, social and cultural rights (including the right to rest, leisure and vacation, suitable livelihood, etc.) that its transparent symbol is the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 1966.
The third generation of human rights is relevant to collective rights, including the right to development issues, cohesion, communication, and to a good environment. This development in human rights is an indicator of special attention of global society to this issue that discussion over political rights or right to election without considering hunger and insecurity is meaningless.
2. The second evolution of Human Rights in recent years is globalization. Today it is no longer acceptable that what a government or governmental agencies do is irrelevant to the rest of the world, and is inland and local. In the global village, human rights are universal.
3. The third evolution that cannot be definitely confirmed is human rights is relatively associated with political considerations and in this global village there are some world powers that call themselves interpreters of human rights, deem themselves as impeccable from human rights violations, and consider themselves as the reference of realization of human rights violations. This association of human rights with politics and contrasting actions with this issue lead to neglect to the atrocities committed in Gaza and even more severe to what is done in Iraq by DAESH. The side effect of this pest is so severe that even world powers have not verbally condemned these crimes and cruelty.
In addition, Dr. Ghasem Mohammadi, Research deputy of the Chair, elaborated on the reasons for the misuse of the concepts of human rights in international domains and stressed the situations of Gaza as a dual approach of human rights institutions.

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Source: UNESCO Chair

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