Shahid Beheshti University
Last Update: 2019/01/13
Ramak Ghavamizadeh meybodi
Assistant professor

Faculty: Computer Engineering and Science
Department: Software and Information Systems
Phone: +98 (21) 29904169
Personal website:

Academic Degrees

PhD, , , France.

Journal Articles
1. H. Hasanpour, S. Asadi, R. Ghavamizadeh meybodi, A. Daraeian, A. Ahmadiani, J. Shams, K. Navi, "A critical appraisal of heterogeneity in Obsessive-Cpmpulsive Disorder using symptom-based clustering analysis" , Asian Journal of Psychiatry, pp.89-96, 2017.
2. A. Talaeizadeh, S. Akhavan niaki, R. Ghavamizadeh meybodi, "Replenish-up-to multi-chance-constraint inventory control system under fuzzy random lost-sale and backoderedquatities" , KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS, Vol.53, pp.147-156, 2013.
3. A. Taleizadeh, S. Niaki, N. Shafii, R. Ghavamizadeh meybodi, A. Jabbarzadeh, "A particle swarm optimization approach for constraint joint single buyer-single vendor inventory problem with changeable lead time and (r Q) policy in supply chain" , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, Vol.51, pp.1209-1223, 2010.

Conference Articles
1. S. Afjei, H. SH., R. Ghavamizadeh meybodi, "First and second order Field Estimation Using Multi_Grid Algorithm" , In Csicc 2007, 2007.
2. R. Ghavamizadeh meybodi, "EXtracting the melody of an image using probabilistic genetic algorithm" , In ICMC 2005, 2005.
3. R. Ghavamizadeh meybodi, CH. Arbab, S. Afjei, "A Multi-Grid Improvement In The Finite Difference Algorithm of Linear and Non-linear Magentosstatic Problems" , In MMM/INTER MGA conference, 2004.
4. S. Afjei, H. Shokri, R. Ghavamizadeh meybodi, "First and Second order Field Estimation Using Multi-Grid Algorithm" , In CORAS 2001, 2001.
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