Shahid Beheshti University
Last Update: 2019/01/13
Hadi Tabatabaee malazi
Assistant professor

Faculty: Computer Engineering and Science
Department: Software and Information Systems
Phone: +98 (21) 29904196
Personal website:

Academic Degrees

PhD, , , Isfahan, 2012.

Journal Articles
1. H. Nourizadeh azar, H. Tabatabaee malazi, "Decentralized Detection of Hybrid Faults in Mobile Sensor Nodes" , SIMULATION MODELLING PRACTICE AND THEORY, Vol.87, pp.210-225, 2018.
2. A. Moradi dakhel, H. Tabatabaee malazi, M. Mehregan, "A social recommender system using item asymmetric correlation" , APPLIED INTELLIGENCE, Vol.48, pp.527-540, 2018.
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8. S. Sajjadian amiri, H. Tabatabaee malazi, M. Ahmadi, "Memory Efficient Routing Using Bloom Filters in Large Scale Sensor Networks" , WIRELESS PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS, Vol.86, pp.1221-1240, 2016.
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10. Z. Toosinezhad, M. Mohamadpoor, H. Tabatabaee malazi, "Dynamic windowing mechanism to combine sentiment and N-gram analysis in detecting events from social media" , KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS.
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Conference Articles
1. M. Tahmasbi, H. Tabatabaee malazi, F. Eltejaei, "Delaunay based two-phase algorithm for connected cover in WSNs" , In 19th CSI International Symposium on Computer Architecture and Digital Systems (CADS17), 2017.
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3. P. Taghizade, H. Tabatabaee malazi, M. Ghasemian, H. Hamed, "Quality of Claim Metrics in Social Sensing Systems A case study on IranDeal" , In International Conference on Computer and Knowledge Engineering (ICCKE 2016), 2016.
4. E. Moradi, M. Fazlali, H. Tabatabaee malazi, "Fast parallel community detection algorithm based on modularity" , 2015.
5. R. Asemi, E. Doostsadigh, M. Ahmadi, H. Tabatabaee malazi, "Energy Efficiency in Virtual Machines Allocation for Cloud Data Centers using the Imperialist Competitive Algorithm" , In IEEE Fifth International Conference on Big Data and Cloud Computing (BDCloud 2015 ), 2015.
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