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Last Update: 2021/09/10
Bijan Yeganeh
Assistant professor

Faculty: Water and Environmental Engineering
Department: Water and Wastewater
Phone: +98 (21) 73932461
Personal website:

Academic Degrees

PhD, , , Autralia, 2017.

Journal Articles
1. B. Yeganeh, R. Khuzestani, A. Taheri, J. Schauer, "Temporal trends in the spatial-scale contributions to black carbon in a Middle Eastern megacity" , SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, Vol.792, pp.148364-148374, 2021.
2. S. Mehrdad, M. Abbasi, B. Yeganeh, H. Kamalan, "Prediction of methane emission from landfills using machine learning models" , Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, Vol.40, pp.1-10, 2021.
3. M. Jamali, S. Soofi zadeh, B. Yeganeh, Y. Emam, "A comparative study of irrigation techniques for energy flow and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in wheat agroecosystems under contrasting environments in south of Iran" , RENEWABLE and SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS, Vol.139, pp.110704-110718, 2020.
4. S. Javadi, B. Yeganeh, M. Abbasi, S. Alipourmohajer, "Energy assessment and greenhouse gas predictions in the automotive manufacturing industry in Iran" , Sustainable Production and Consumption, Vol.26, pp.316-330, 2020.
5. M. Mazaheri, S. Clifford, B. Yeganeh, M. Viana, V. Rizza, R. Flament, G. Buonanno, L. Morawska, "Investigations into factors affecting personal exposure to particles in urban microenvironments using low-cost sensors" , ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL, Vol.120, pp.496-504, 2018.
6. S. Clifford, M. Mazaheri, F. Salimi, W. Ezz, B. Yeganeh, S. Low-choy, K. Walker, K. Mengersen, G. Marks, L. Morawska, "Effects of exposure to ambient ultrafine particles on respiratory health and systemic inflammation in children" , ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL, Vol.114, pp.167-180, 2018.
7. B. Yeganeh, M. Hewson, S. Clifford, A. Tavassoli, L. Knibbs, L. Morawska, "Estimating the spatiotemporal variation of NO2 concentration using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system" , ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING and SOFTWARE, Vol.100, pp.222-235, 2018.
8. M. Rahman, B. Yeganeh, S. Clifford, L. Knibbs, L. Morawska, "Development of a land use regression model for daily NO2 and NOx concentrations in the Brisbane metropolitan area, Australia" , ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING and SOFTWARE, Vol.95, pp.168-179, 2017.
9. B. Yeganeh, M. Hewson, S. Clifford, L. Knibbs, L. Morawska, "A satellite-based model for estimating PM2.5 concentration in a sparsely populated environment using soft computing techniques" , ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING and SOFTWARE, Vol.88, pp.84-92, 2017.
10. S. Moazami, R. Noori, B. Amiri, B. Yeganeh, S. Partani, S. Safavi, "Reliable prediction of carbon monoxide using developed support vector machine" , Atmospheric Pollution Research, Vol.7, pp.412-418, 2016.
11. B. Yeganeh, M. Shafie pour motlagh, Y. Rashidi, H. Kamalan, "Prediction of CO concentrations based on a hybrid Partial Least Square and Support Vector Machine model" , ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, Vol.55, pp.357-365, 2012.

Conference Articles
1. س. جوادي, م. ميرآبي, م. عباسي, ب. يگانه, "بررسي منابع موجود ضرايب انتشار گازهاي گلخانه اي" چهارمين كنفرانس بين المللي مهندسي محيط زيست با محوريت توسعه پايدار, 1397.
2. س. جوادي, م. ميرآبي, م. عباسي, ب. يگانه, ش. عليپور, "پروتكل گازهاي گلخانه اي و مديريت انتشار كربن" چهارمين كنفرانس بين المللي مهندسي محيط زيست با محوريت توسعه پايدار, 1397.
3. س. جوادي, م. ميرآبي, م. عباسي, ش. عليپور, ب. يگانه, "برآورد ميزان انتشار كربن در صنايع خودروسازي ( مطالعه موردي شركت خودرو سازي سايپا )" چهارمين كنفرانس بين المللي مهندسي محيط زيست با محوريت توسعه پايدار, 1397.


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