Department of Peace and Humanitarian law
Relevant studies on peace, accompanied by an emphasis on the prevention of war and peaceful settlement of international disputes, have concentrated on the establishment and maintenance of peace. The achievement of the afore-mentioned aim is in the direct relation with the education and internalization of human rights, specifically in crisis and crisis prone areas.
The establishment of peacekeeping, at present, requires extensive and academic research in cultural diversities and mutual understanding of nations, the process of globalization and international relations, respect to human rights and also nations' responsibilities for the development of peace.
In case of the breach of peace and outbreak of armed conflicts, humanitarian law or use of force gets involved which, in other words, is an applied right in the period of severe violence. Nowadays the range of armed conflicts, including the plan of international terrorism suppression, has increased. The plan has caused severe breach of human rights and severe interactions for its legitimacy.
Our country, due to the eight-year imposed war, has been extremely afflicted with the breach of peace and international crimes namely chemical weapons, as well as domestic and international terrorism.
In these situations, the identification and expansion of humanitarian law, specifically the fundamental study and research in the Islamic and international resources of law of armed conflicts, can play a major role in the more active participation of Iran in the future development of its rights in the international community.
 The purpose behind the department of peace and humanitarian law is conducting research studies, holding conferences and training courses in different fields of the concept of peace and humanitarian law and also cooperation with the national, regional and international organizations in this area.
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