Protein Research Center is committed to:

  • develop nanobioscience investigations and innovations into most-needed biomedical products, based on existing challenges in Iran;

  • optimize and scale-up current facilities and knowledge based on national health demands and industrial needs, and to support the overall growth of the bioscience-specific infrastructure in Iran;

  • achieve the technology of manufacturing Iran’s most-needed vaccines;

  • educate next generation of top-tier scientists;

  • provide young interested scholars the chance and required facilities to get involved in particular applied and productive projects, based on national demands and to support their fulfillment;

  • communicate and exchange knowledge with other research centers at national and international levels and to perform research collaboration;

  • link with potential investigators interested in financing on the development of research on proteins and on production of protein pharmaceuticals;

  • establish a high-ranked scientific network of experts in the filed of protein sciences and technologies and to apply nanomaterials in bioscience.

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