Established in 2001, the ESRI aims to carry out research on the various aspects of the environment.
Many qualified professors in Biology, Chemistry, Law, etc. at Shahid Beheshti University collaborate with the work of the Institute. ESRI offers Master and Ph.D. degrees in Environmental Sciences. The research objectives of the Institute are:
  1. Environmental design and programming
  2. Study of the bio-diversity of the country and the region (Central and South Asia)
  3. Ecological studies of the country and the region.
  4. Studying economic factors related to bio-environmental research.
  5. Studying the relationship between the economy and the promotion of environmental enrichment.
  6. Legal implications of environmental studies
  7. Assessment of pollutants and controlling them in the environment.
  8. Promoting natural resources and environmental education at all levels.
  9. Encouragement of public awareness of development and environmental protection



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