Guidelines for Doctoral Students of Plasma Engineering
Total credits of doctoral program: 36 credits (the minimum number of credits in one semester is 6 and the maximum is 10)
Students should go through the following in each semester:
  • Arrival (admission): selection of supervisor
  • 1st semester:
o   Obtaining the laser safety certificate
o   Obtaining the permission to enter the lab
o   Taking courses (9 credits including 6 compulsory credits and 3 optional credits in consultation with the supervisor)
  • 2nd semester:
o   Passing the remaining courses (3 compulsory credits, 6 optional credits)
     * Educational stage is 2 semesters in Laser and Plasma Research Institute.
  • 3rd semester:
o    Registration for the comprehensive examination (Educational and research comprehensive examination)
o   Presentation of the language certificate before requesting the (educational) comprehensive examination permission
o   Taking written and oral educational comprehensive examination (the written exam is weighted 60%, and the oral exam is 40% of the total score. The mean score of these two exams must not be lower than 16.)
o   If the student is ready for proposal defense, he/she must download the “request form of proposal defense” from the website of LAPRI and turn it in to the graduate office of LAPRI in order to defend his/ her proposal after the determination of referees in the Institute Council.
  • 4th semester:
o   Registration for dissertation provided that the educational and research comprehensive examinations are passed.
o   If the student does not pass any of the comprehensive examinations, he/ she can pass it in his/ her fourth semester as a second chance.
o   After passing the educational stage of comprehensive assessment, the student must download “the form of dissertation proposal” from the website and turn it in to the graduate office of Laser and Plasma Research Institute.
o    Taking the research comprehensive examination (proposal defense)
o    Taking notice of the result declaration of research comprehensive examination
o    Taking notice of the bulletin on acceptance of dissertation subject (for the student and graduate office) and the end of comprehensive assessment processes
  • 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th semesters:
o   Registration for dissertation (18 credits)
  • 10th semester:
o   If needed, the doctoral student can use one allowed additional semester.
o   Filling in the form of request for additional semester and turning it in to the graduate office of laser and Plasma research institute (late ninth semester)
** From the end of the fourth semester, the progress report must be turned in at the end of each semester. Registration in each semester is subject to turning in the progress report.
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