In February 2007, Photonics Center of Excellence was qualified as a center of excellence with the permission of the Secretariat for the Center of Excellence Council of Iran, which led to its establishment in Laser and Plasma Research Institute of Shahid Beheshti University. After that, this center started its activities formally.
The capabilities and advantages of the center are employed with the aim of accelerating the process of collecting the procedures for extending the achievements of LAPRI.
The main goal of the center is to make use of capabilities and to apply laser science and its applications.
The core members of Photonics Center of Excellence are:
  • Dr. Seyyed Ibrahim Afjee
  • Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi
  • Dr. Hmaid Latifi
  • Dr. Ezeddin Mohajerani
  • Dr. Reza Massudi
  • Dr. Mahmoud Soltan Alketabi
  • Dr. Rasoul Roknizadeh
At the moment, Dr.Ezeddin Mohajerani is the president of Photonics Center of Excellence.
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