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From the very beginning, 3 laboratories became active in this institute. Although there are numerous internal obstacles (specially the little budget of this institute, expensive devices and equipments and few national manufacturing companies) and foreign obstacles (which originate from the strategic nature of laser science and the severe sanctions of Western countries against Iran prohibiting other countries from vending these scientific items to Iran), with the help of God and the night and day efforts of faculty members of Laser and Plasma Research Institute (LAPRI), now there are three laboratories in this institute which are located in three buildings.
Laboratory Information
No.​ Name of Laboratory Head of Laboratory
1 optical active devices Ezeddin Mohajerani
2 Laser based measurements Hamid Latifi
3 Plasma Babak Shokri
4 plasma material processing Ahmadreza Rastkar
5 optical bio-imaging Mohammad Ali Ansari
6 space environment simulator Hamid Latifi
7 Photonics of polymer and organic materials Ezeddin Mohajerani
8​ plasma applications Babak Shokri
9​ bio spectroscopy Ezeddin Mohajerani
10​ laser spectroscopy Hassan Tavassoli
11​ thin films Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi
12​ Ultra-short pulse lasers Reza Masoudi
13​ solid-state lasers Reza Masoudi
14​ High power lasers Hamidreza Ghomi
15​ Gas lasers Hamidreza Ghomi
16​ plasma modelling and simulation Alireza Niknam
17​ Magneto-plasmonic Mehri Hamidi
18​ Magneto-photonic Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi
19​ Nano-magnet and magnetic semiconductors Majid Ghanaat Shoar
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