1- In which fields can the M.S. level students collaborate with the Quran Miracle Research Institute?
The M.S. level students can collaborate with the research institute in implementing their thesis, and also can enjoy the services and supports of the research institute by joining the Quran's Miracle society. In addition, in the case of having research plans in the field of the miracles of Quran and its approval within the scientific council of the research Institute, they can also have the financial and virtual supports of the research institute.

2- Is there any way of collaboration for those university faculty member who are interested to cooperate but do not have enough time to join the research institute as permanent members?
Yes, they can cooperate with the institute, by taking part in the research projects as project associates.

3- Is the Quran Miracle Research Institute able to provide services in preparing scientific resources such as necessary books for those who are interested in carrying out researches in Quranic sciences?
All the members of the society of the miracles of Quran can enjoy the advantage of using the resources and facilities of the research Institute.


4- What is the miracle of Quran society and how can one join it as a member?
This society consists of all the desirous within the Quranic fields without paying attention to their academic degree. It holds monthly meeting and also seminars on the topic of the miracles of Quran. Alongside such activities, the society is in charge of intelligence gathering in the field of the Quranic news and also the activities of the research institute to all its members.

5- Is the collaboration with the research institute exclusively restrictive to the students and faculty members of Shahid Beheshti University or others from the rest of the universities can also take part in this collaboration?
Collaboration with Quran Miracle research Institute is possible for all faculty members and students from different universities.

6- Does the Quran Miracle Research Institute posses a web site?
At the present time the research institute holds a web page at the web site of Shahid Beheshti University; however, its own web site will soon be launched.
The address of the web site of Shahid Beheshti University is as follows:
Those who are interested can follow-up the latest news regarding the research institute on the website address noted above.   

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