Goals and necessities of establishing the Research Institute

Quran is God's word and an eternal miracle that has been and will be inspirational for creatures and seekers of facts in different centuries. Different intellectuals and scientists have been meditating on it within centuries to come to an understanding of it, and also have achieved great successes in the course of this line. Considering and understanding different dimensions of Quran, as a leading book for human being, has been deepened and developed together with developing of his science and knowledge, and with efforts of experts of different sciences. Universities are the most important centers that can deal with this important issue beside the other scientific and research centers. At this time many research centers are dealing with the investigation of the miracles of Quran, in which the role of Arabic counties is more apparent than others in this regard. In Iran numerous research centers have been considering and researching on Quranic sciences and culture that number of which is increasing year by year. However, unfortunately studying Quran from the scientific point of view and considering its miracle cases has been neglected by Iranian researchers.
Shahid Beheshti University is counted one of the few comprehensive universities in which the most of expertise have gathered together and is one of the most suitable options for constituting a research center in which experts of different sciences can deal with researching and studying about the miracles of Quran and it is different dimensions. The scientific history of Shahid Beheshti University and its high potential in this regard has encouraged the organizational management of the university to plan to establish this research Institute.
The varietal dimensions that has been regarded in Quran Miracle Research Institute contains the following branches contexts of Quran, Scientific miracle of Quran, verbal miracle of Quran, and systems of Quran, which are studied and followed up by four specialized groups. The noted research groups take the first step by considering all the researches related to the point done by different countries and assessing them by the university experts. Within the next step, by the aid of Quran and anecdote the new matters strengthening the miracle aspect of Quran will be extracted.
Expressing the miracle of Quran as a continuous study will sterilize the efforts that aim to blemish Quran Devine revelation. It also in other way frustrates on some verses of Quran, by using a different direction which is the same as proving the citation of those verses to God and will smooth out the way for strengthening the beliefs of believers to this heavenly book. Accordingly, it directs the hearts of immaculate people who are in the shadow of doubt and ignorance, to this holy book and the necessity of contriving and revolving on it.
The necessity of returning to Quran and its scientific consideration has been noticed by a remarkable part of Iranian scientists in the past few decades; however, due to the inattention of this spectrum of scientists towards religious deep culture and also lack of communication with the Islamic seminaries as the original trustees of religious sciences has lead to the deviation of a part of these scientists and their followers. Considering this point, in addition to its close correlation Quran miracle research Institute with Islamic seminary of Qum city will have links with other institutes working in the fields of Quranic sciences, and will subscribe collaboration agreements with some of them. At the present time this research center has signed a collaboration agreement with Esra institute, which is considered as one of the active institutes in the field of Quranic studies.
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