With the favor of God, Shahid Beheshti University as one of old-line universities of the country having a set of different departments of now a day sciences and experienced faculty members has had the honor of establishing a Research Institute in this regard, in which Quran will be the issue of research and all the human science, technique and knowledge will gather to achieve more comprehension and understanding on this holy book.
This Research Institute has got its activity permission from the Ministry Science, Research and Technology in Shahrivar 1386(August 2007), and at the present time it is active in four groups of "contents of Quran", "Scientific miracles of Quran", "Verbal miracle of Quran, and "Systems of Quran".
Experts in the fields of Islamic sciences and modern sciences constitute the faculty members of this research center.
Concerning the importance and complexity of Quranic education and the risk of deviation in understanding the Quranic verses, all groups will have the guidance of experts in Quran and anecdote, who will attend as observers in the researches and will help the faculties and researchers to accomplish the study and research job. In this regard, the cooperation of Quran Miracle Research Institute with religions and scientific authorities will be abiding continuously to be sure that there isn't any allay of deviation. At the present time the Research Institute has working relationships with some centers of sciences in the Qum city, which in some cases has lead into agreements signal between the centers, as noted in the following sections.
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