The department of Islamic World and Iran’s foreign policy examines the regional studies by the geographical and ideational approach. It discusses the developments of the Islamic World, introducing the Islamic World as a new region as possible, and monitoring its mutual effects on Iran’s foreign policy. The Middle East as the core of the Islamic World is more recognized than anywhere else. In addition, reviewing the key countries and their relations in the Islamic World and focusing on the obstacles and facilities of the integrations and disintegrations in the Islamic world are on the agenda. As a result, the integration and setting the common ground on the culture of the Islamic World are the leading objects of the department indeed.
  • Theoretically defining the Islamic World

  • Reviewing the economic, social and cultural crises in the Islamic World

  • Examining the geopolitics, the geo-economics and the geo-energy of the Islamic World

  • Trying to articulate the problems of the Islamic World by the conflict resolution approach

  • Addressing the obstacles and facilities of the integration in the Islamic World

  • Introducing the weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities (SWOT) in the Islamic World

  • A critical reviewing of Iran’s foreign policy in the Islamic World

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